christine laptuta/ works on paper


My aim is to break through the limitations that a photograph has as a singular image.

My practice is to observe and document landscape in a cinematic context, to record a journey that is neither time based, nor linear, nor static. By using a primitive camera with a manual winder, I am able to compose my narratives in camera by shooting continuous frames on one strip of film with no interruption. The film is then cropped and edited to pull in the viewer.
Chance and serendipity plays an important role in how I work, where l can explore how the narrative can be manipulated by adding 3 dimensionality to the work. By breaking up spaces, fragmenting light and disregarding linearity, l am shifting both perception and perspective. The visual disjunction and repetition dissolves and blurs the viewer’s assumptions about space, time and place.
I like to pay attention to the notion of time passing, where nothing is permanent. There is always a semblance of movement and rhythm in light that constantly changes within the land. I want to accentuate this mystery and ambiguity, the beauty and chaos that are always in flux.